When You Call Us Before We Call You


When an individual attorney contacts us, whether a partner, a General Counsel, an associate or an unemployed lawyer, we react with the same respect and attention. We will tell you when, for whatever reason, we are unable to help or may actually hinder an ongoing job search. When it makes sense to work together, we will discuss what we will be doing and what you, the individual, needs to do on your own behalf.

We are not an employment agency; we are a placement firm, and never accept fees for our placement work from anyone other than an employer. If we critique and suggest changes to your resume, you are not charged. If we discuss potential job markets and how best for you to approach a job search, you are not charged. We may even refer you to positions we know about but for which recruiter resumes are not being accepted. Unlike so many other recruiters, we like what we do and think it important that, even if we can't find you a position for which we can be compensated, it feels good to work with us. Yes, we're headhunters, not social workers, but the legal community is small and it's good to have friends.

A first meeting usually begins with a discussion of what you are looking for and why. We apply this information to an analysis of the current job market and assess what strategies are the most likely to succeed. We do not send resumes to potential employers without specific authorization from you to do so. Most importantly, perhaps, you will never be one of many people described on a “laundry list” sent around to firms. This may sound pretty basic, but not all recruiters are alike, especially in how they treat candidates and submit resumes to potential employers.  Nor will your resume show up on a website, be submitted via fax by national anonymous services, or be used in any other way by Lieberman-Nelson unless you know and have approved it.

After learning about you, we discuss the legal marketplace in detail, providing as much information about potential employers as possible. We discuss the pros and cons, the people and the environment and whatever else we know of the law firms and businesses under consideration. If viable opportunities are available, we will create a list of law firms and/or legal departments that we will approach on your behalf.

When interviews are scheduled, we prepare you for who you will be meeting and what may happen in the interview. We solicit and share feedback, become involved in offer negotiations and work hard to assess competing offers, including any counter offer from your current employer. We know how difficult it is to make a move. We pay attention to how you feel during the entire process, not just at decision-making time.

There is a final category of individuals who contact us: those who are not actively looking for a new position, but merely want to be alerted to anything that may come up for which they are qualified. In these and in all other instances, we keep resumes and relevant contact information on active file in our database/contact management system. When positions become available, our candidates know about them.