Placing Lawyers With Corporate Clients


Over the years we have recruited on behalf of a wide range of national and international corporate clients. From Fortune 100 companies to family businesses looking for their first permanent attorney, we treat everyone with the highest degree of professionalism. We combine our extensive legal knowledge with proven executive search techniques to identify, locate, and secure the most qualified candidates possible. Unlike the larger executive search firms, we understand how lawyers assess their own professional needs and measure their opportunities. The requirements and motivations of lawyers differ significantly from those of business executives. While many of the big executive search firms have recently added legal departments, we have focused exclusively on lawyers from our inception, and it shows.

When working with a corporate client we often respond to a variety of seemingly contradictory opinions about who would be the best hire for the position being filled. We strive to distill an objective analysis about each potential candidate from dozens of subjective opinions, weeding out rumor and misinformation. We also work hard to understand the distinctions between candidates, articulating their strengths and weaknesses vis a vis the position being filled as well as their long-term employment potential. We screen those lawyers who believe that going “in-house” is a panacea for all that ails them. We know that attorneys work as hard in a corporate setting as they do in private practice. Our specialty lies in revealing the signs of success or incompatibility that lay hidden within resumes and references. We have learned to spot the small things that less careful and less focused recruiting firms can’t help but miss.

We understand the vital differences in the hiring process between corporations and law firms. A corporate client has to take into account the ability of a candidate to be satisfied in an initial position long enough to meet corporate needs while remaining confident of the opportunity for professional growth. Corporate clients must also make hiring decisions that balance in-house client styles, department sizes, and the predominant corporate culture. Corporate strategies and legal needs are continuously evolving due to the demands of the business world. Lieberman-Nelson searches for candidates who will evolve with your corporation and thrive in the rapidly-shifting nature of the business environment. Our combination of prompt personal attention, coordinated effort, and keen attention to the interview/hiring process are why our small firm is one of the best in the nation.

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Retained Searches


We are pleased to accommodate clients who prefer to utilize our services on a contingent fee basis. There are times, however, when we can best meet a client’s needs on a retained basis.

Clients retain us to help them identify and recruit individuals with very specific, closely defined experiences and capabilities. Often, these highly specific searches are also time sensitive- our client needs a needle in a haystack, and needed it yesterday. Being on retainer means that we prioritize our retainer client's needs over our other workload. This type of search begins with individuals whose practices we already know. From there we conduct extensive marketplace research utilizing national and international databases, personal contacts, and every recruiter’s best friend, the telephone. Although a client’s own geographic area is often the best place to begin a search (to avoid relocation expenses), there are no geographic boundaries to our abilities; we often conduct such searches on a national or global level.

When possible, we interview every potential candidate and forward on to our clients only those who best meet the specifics of the search. Additionally and as requested, we identify both the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates and disclose any complications that may arise during the interview and negotiation process, including compensation and relocation issues. We strive to eliminate any “11th hour” surprises.

In a retained search of this nature our fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the size of the client, the complexity of the search, and the amount of time we expect to devote to the search in lieu of other recruiting projects.

Regardless of whether we’re working on a contingent fee or retainer basis, we never allow a fee to stand in the way of building a successful relationship. While we enjoy being compensated for our efforts, as do our clients, we will work creatively with our clients to help them minimize the impact of our fees. Our task is to help client firms grow and succeed, and we realize that every firm has unique needs and capabilities.