1. Human Focus

  2. Client Driven

  3. Common Goals

In a Nutshell

Lieberman-Nelson, formerly Howard Lieberman & Associates, is a legal search and consulting firm run by two lawyers who left the practice of law but never lost their interest in lawyers and the legal profession. Unlike the monolithic national recruiting firms that try to do everything for everyone, (including an occasional attorney) our firm does only three things, but we do them very well:

  • Place dedicated, top-quality lawyers in permanent full-time positions with law firms and corporations;
  • Represent law firms as well as discrete practice groups in their local, national, and global merger activities;
  • Consult with law firms and corporate legal departments on a broad range of management issues.


How We Work With Our Law Firm Clients

As refugees from private practice, we hold a special place in our hearts for law firms. We still believe that private practice is the place where good junior lawyers go to become great lawyers and experienced lawyers achieve tremendous personal satisfaction.



Placing Lawyers with Corporate Clients

Over the years we have recruited on behalf of a wide range of national and international corporate clients. From Fortune 100 companies to family businesses looking for their first permanent attorney, we treat everyone with the highest degree of professionalism.



When You Call Us Before We Call You

When an individual attorney contacts us, we react with the same respect and attention.  We like what we do and think it important that it feels good to work with us. Yes, we're headhunters and not social workers, but the legal community is small and it's good to have friends.

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